Head Trainer, Shaun Tan

leading by example.

Welcome to the
Ozdog Video Challenge

This video challenge is designed for dog owners who have completed the Ozdog Obedience Program. 

If you have, then read below to familiarise yourself with the rules and how this challenge will give you a worthwhile goal to work towards every month! 

If you haven't completed the Ozdog, but are interested in what the program will teach you, click on the link below. 


...until the end of the Challenge 🎁 

Top 3 Challengers

Three dog owners who have worked hard for their results!

Yo & Jumbo

Marianne & Finch

Tayla & Duke

The Rules of the Game

This challenge has been created to give you a fun way to earn awesome rewards by making the most of your investment in our Ozdog Obedience Program. 

As you can see from the videos above, our top 3 challengers all display a different set of awesome skills.


Although, they have all been achieved by building from the foundations learned within the Ozdog. 

So, is there something your dog loves to do that was inspired by something you have learned with us? 

Here's your chance to put your training into action while you have a bit of extra time during lockdown!


Where to Submit Your Video

Simply send your video to ryan@ozcorpk9.com.au

where we'll download it, watch it and have it ready for challenge day!

...to submit your video! 🎥