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Its Purpose

To empower dog enthusiasts with the knowledge and skillset required to ensure they understand the inner workings of canine psychology and behaviour.

Lesson 1


Our program starts with what we call "The Pavlovian Effect". You'll understand how dogs learn and how to prevent unwanted habits while building a reward system to encourage positive behaviours.


Lesson 2

In our second lesson, Thinking in Pictures, we'll teach you effective ways to socialise dogs to prevent or reduce antisocial behaviours. In the practical aspect, we introduce training concepts to encourage reliability when responding to cues.

Lesson 3

Shape Any Action will show you how to teach dogs complex behaviours independently. In this lesson, you will learn the step-by-step process you can use to teach a dog anything!


Lesson 4

In our third lesson, Pack Dynamics, we guide you to become a leader of the canine kind. Understand the various signs of dominance, set fair boundaries, and maintain a household of your own design. This session's demonstration phase has the essential steps needed to create an obedient dog.

Lesson 5

Communication Markers is our final lesson designed to help you build a robust communication system. When you can speak dog, you can guide their behaviours effectively. 

Develop the fundamental principles you need. 

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