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Drastically Improve Your K9 Relationship

In 7 lessons, over 7 weeks, utlising less than 10mins a day!


Dear Dog Owner,


Are you looking for the best way to build the relationship you have with your dog? If so, The OZDOG Obedience Program is the perfect solution. The 7 lessons included are layered week after week, covering all of the essential aspects of dog training, from managing behavior to teaching key skills and understanding psychology - this will give you a new hobby to enjoy every day.


The OZDOG Obedience Program was designed to help owners lead happier lives with their dogs by building an intangibly strong bond between them. The program teaches the necessary skills to establish structure in the home, provide mental stimulation for your dog, and understand their actions in order to reward them for good behavior and redirect bad habits.


The search for an effective solution often stems from behavioral problems, like the inability to effectively communicate with your dog, or a lack of understanding about how to motivate them and show them that certain behaviors will be rewarded. With The OZDOG Obedience Program, owners learn how to communicate more effectively with their dogs using a balanced approach, manage behaviors through structured activities, and provide mental stimulation to keep them engaged and interested in learning. This makes it perfect for anyone really...

A blast from the past! Where it all started. 

Back when Ryan was training clients in backyards and local parks, Ryan scoured Adelaide looking for the greatest training solution to learn from. At the time, there was nothing he could find. Being the stubborn and ambitious trainer her was, he set off on a journey of professional development.


The OZDOG itself is a combination of knowledge he gathered flying all over the world to learn from globally respected mentors, and his own experiences and training style. The issue that he encountered when deciding to create The OZDOG, is that all of the information he accumulated was far too overwhelming to learn and implement in one big session...


So, Ryan decided to break it all up into 7 lessons. Each lesson, scheduled one week apart, to allow for better retention, time to practice (10mins a day), and increasingly effective results. Every lesson, divided into equally important theory and practical components that allow owners to understand what they will be doing, how to do it, and most importantly why.


What was most important for Ryan, is that anyone could attend his program. Owners completely new to training could comprehend the lessons with ease, ask questions, and be given feedback in the moment. Even experienced owners would be blown away by what they didn't know.

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Meet with the team for instant support.

Fast - Track Assessment


To lock in your participation and ensure that The OZDOG Obedience Program is an ideal fit, we'd first like to meet with you and your dog for an informal assessment to show you how we've helped thousands of owners!

Here's what the assessment will include:


✅  45-minutes with a Certified Trainer

✅  Assessment of Capabilities and Traits

✅  Strategies for Preparing Your Dog 

✅  A Clear Plan to Move Forward With

If you can't find a date that works for you, we'll reach out and contact you as soon as possible. If you're eager to get ahead of the queue, feel free to give us a call on 0404752187.

  • No dates work for me...
    Once you submit the form above, we'll have your contact details. So, we'll be able to follow up with a phone call if you're unable to find a date that works for you. If you're excited to get started ASAP and want to skip the queue, give us a call on 0404752187, and hopefully we'll be able to find a time that works!
  • What if I can't make a lesson?
    No biggie. We get it, things come up! Simply get in contact with us to reschedule your lesson 📆 As much notice as possible would be much appreciated.
  • Are there any guarantees?
    Every dog is different. They have different home routines, owners, skills, traits, habits, experiences... The list goes on, and on. This is why we make no promises. We will work to meet your goals to the best of our abilities... And go above and beyond to help your dog 🙌🏼 But, the time they spend training with us is only a small portion of their lives. What they do when they're not here, is up to you. And this has a lot of impact. On the way out of our facility, we have a sign. It read: "It's upto you to do your homework." Our guarantee is that we'll do everything we can.
  • Are there any extra perks?
    You get lifetime access to our exclusive Certified Obedience Group (COG). You'll be able to access this group once you have invested in the Ozdog. This will give you the ability to: ✅ Watch our lesson recap videos if you need a reminder. ✅ Ask questions and get answers from trainers whenever you're in doubt. ✅ Stay upto date with our latest services, offers, events and discounts. ✅ Network and create relationships with other dog enthusiasts.
  • What happens after the course?
    Once you're finished with your 7 Ozdog lessons, the world is your oyster! You will then have access to our other services: ✅ Continue improving your obedience with your trainer, 1 on 1. ✅ Get your trained by us while you're out and about at our K9 Academy. ✅ If your dog is reactive, join our Saturday reACTive Group Class. ✅ Learn a specialist skill like, protection, nose-work, competition obedience and more...


By sumbitting this form, I accept and understand that when participating in OzcorpK9's training, it is not without possible risk even though due care is taken during training sessions. Dogs are not always predictable, but you can be assured that we are always doing everything in our power to mitigate any possible risks. I hereby assume all risk and responsibility for myself and my dog/s while it is in my control, while attending or participating in training sessions. I further agree not to hold OzcorpK9 liable for the actions of myself or my dogs in any way. We would also please ask that you request permission to use any photographic or video content taken within our training facility, or affiliated with the OzcorpK9 brand. Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to training with you.

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