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Meet Our Home Trainers


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For the first time, we’ll be sending our trainers out to homes all over Adelaide.


We understand that it can be hard to fit in the time to drive to our facility after a long day of work, running errands, or other commitments. And for many, weekends work much better, but also happen to be the days we’re fully booked and busiest.


For the majority of our time in business, we’ve helped thousands of dogs from within the walls of our facility, making it easier for our trainers to access the tools and resources they need to provide clients with the information and practical skills required to get them the results they desire.


After taking a step back and sitting down for constructive team meetings, we’ve come up with a solution, allowing trainers and their dogs to jump in their cars, meet you at your home, and implement our new and effective “Home Trainers” process.


Here’s what we can provide you with during this 90min+ home assessment:

  • Home Routine & Management Strategies. Discover the exact type of routine your dog will benefit from most, with as little friction as possible. Not only that, but gauge the management strategies you can implement around the house that will save you from having to tell your dog off every day - jeopardising the relationship you’ll build with them in future.

  • A Good Understanding of Pack Dynamics. Your dog, like any others, may have a tendency to believe that you are not in fact the owner of the house. Let us explain to you why that may be, and what you can do to establish boundaries without having to be mean, assertive, or display any kind of aggressive behaviours towards them that may affect your bond.

  • A Daily Diet Plan & Feeding Techniques. We may not be veterinary professionals or animal nutritionist, but we’ve sure trained a lot of dogs and owners (thousands), which have benefited from our perspectives, observations, and advice regarding their food intakes and the manner in which they are being fed. Our clients could tell you, there’s a better way!


  • How to Reward & Improve Communication. Continuing on from our feeding techniques, there are very particular ways we go about rewarding our dogs. In fact, it’s the same way we teach our clients to reward their dogs, and ultimately, it’s the same effective method they we all use to get the most from our dogs. Just as food is the way to a mans heart, it is also the way we begin to activate a dogs focus, attention, and ability to work with you to achieve amazing things.

  • Implementation of Basic Obedience Training. Now, most puppy obedience classes you will find will advertise as teaching you the basics. And so do we, but we have a completely different understanding of what the basic are. Let’s just say that ours involves a lot more than sitting and dropping. More of which you’ll find extremely useful if you’re eager enough to continue your training after this assessment.

  • Specific Problem-Solving Around the House. The beauty of us being able to visit your home, is that we’ll be able to inspect exactly what it is that is causing you grief. Whether it be digging holes in back yard, treating your bed as their own, biting on your ankles, stealing your socks, barking at the postman etc. etc, there’s something intuitively helpful our Home Trainers will be able to provide you with that will help you with your issues.

  • Ask Questions, Get Answers and Advice. And, of course, you’ll be able to ask us any of the questions you have on your mind. No matter how obvious or abstract, you can be assured that our trainers will be able to supply you with an answer that is both logical and implementable - after all, they have trained owners with dogs in all situation, of all breeds, temperaments, ages, you name it! You can bet that we’ll be able to provide you with those “aha moments”.

  • A Likely Demo of Results with Our Dogs. There’s no better proof that our training works, than seeing the final result right in front of your very eyes. Towards the end of our assessment, our trainer will go back to their car and “activate” their dog. You’ll get to see exactly what the end result of our training will look like, should you decide to continue our advice and training recommendations.

  • An Effective and Actionable Training Plan. Last but not least, we’ll have a plan for you. A plan that has taken everything we’ll talk about with you into account, and will no doubt assist you with remediating the issues you have in one way another. All issues have a solution. Should yours require further attention, we’d ask you to consider the advice your Home Trainer may have to offer you. Regardless, we know you will benefit immensely from this.


This service will begin shortly! If you’d like for us to prioritise sending a trainer to your home, please fill out the form below, and our support team will give you a call to book, place your deposit, and answer any of the questions you may have about your home training session.


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