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Here are the key things you need to know before we give you a call...

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It's not cheap.

A Performance Academy membership isn't on the cheaper side of the scale, but it sure has its perks!

If you'd like to join, It will cost you $250 a week.

(for good reason)

Bringing your dog in for 5 days of the week means that it will cost an average of $50 a day. 

If you're able to get into the routine of dropping your dog off with us every day of the working week, then this is a brilliant deal for you.

Here are 3 things you'll be sure of:

Your dog will be in safe, caring, hands while you're at work or out running errands until it's time to pick them up!

They'll come home tired and satisfied after having worked hard and earned their rewards for the day.

Their obedience will begin to noticeably improve, as well as their character and drive to be good for you.

A Beneficial Commitment 

A normal day at our K9 Academy costs $88.

A Performance Academy membership will save money for a lot of our K9 Academy dog owners once their dog is at the Standout Blue Collar skill level that yours is. 

We've created this service to make it easier for you to make sure you're able to not only maintain your training but improve it dramatically. 

We understand that maintenance alone can be hard for busy people. 

Our Belief in Your Dog

The reason we're so confident in our ability to drastically improve your dog's obedience and overall quality of life is:


We've taken the time to ensure they have the workable traits required to become Performance Academy dogs in the first place. 

The scheduling system we've set up to train your dog, grade, challenge, assess, and improve them is something we're proud of.

We'll Be In Touch

Thanks for clicking on the button you received at the end of the email.

We have your contact details and will be in touch soon!

Smurf and Reiki's Blue Collar Ceremony

Will your dog be next?

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