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A Raiser Sharp Breed Like No Other.

What makes this next litter so unique?

(Having a conversation with Jase on the way to Noah's Crossing.)

Here’s what we know about the bloodline: 

✔️  In 1991, the semen was harvested from Helmut Raiser’s personal dog, Anker Von Ursania.

✔️  Anker was the direct son of Helmut’s champion dog, Drechsler Von Warnautal.  

✔️  Drechsler was a x6 time BSP champion, of the x8 time's he competed.

 ✔️ No other dog has done that.

✔️  It was the very first working-line German Shepherd semen imported to Australia from Europe.

✔️  This is the only and last semen to be imported from Germany due to their ban at the time. 

✔️  The Anker working-line was then used by the Australian RAAF to work in East Timor.

✔️  The dogs' were said to have been, "Impressive, Robust and Solid" dogs' during riots.


The semen has been frozen ever since...

Until now.

We've been given the unique opportunity to bring this special working line back to life.

A big thanks to Noah's Crossing Vet Clinic for the tour and breakdown of what we'll be expecting! We're proud to be using Noah's Crossing as they are one of South Australia's leading veterinarians in canine reproduction.

Helmut Raiser - Ryan King

I find that a lot of my foundational training is inherited from Helmut through his teachings...

Through being a mentor and a very close friend of my mentor who got me into dog sports and training.

Helmut was going to come to Australia last October, but unfortunately for us and all other dog trainers that would love to have seen him...

The event was cancelled due to covid. 

But it's not to say it still won't happen in future.


I have a deep respect for Helmut and his achievements...

Watch as Helmut and Drechsler both dominate BSP, 1982

And In case you'd like to learn more...


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