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Responsible Dog Owner (RDO)

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Thanks for being here! 

The purpose of this course is to create better dog owners by teaching the essential skills needed to raise the right puppy for the right home.


Our ambitious long-term goal for this course is to dramatically lower the amount of dog's being re-homed through awareness and training.


The course will be perfect for: 
- Those preparing to get a puppy
- People considering a rescue dog
- Family’s wanting to get everyone on board
- Rescue volunteers and foster carers

The essential skills you'll be learning:


| Health & Feeding

- Nutrition, diet, vet checks, vaccinations, feeding quantities, different food brands, picking the most suitable food for your dog. 

| Anti-Destruction & Management 

- Routine, management, techniques for preventing destruction, predict your puppies behaviour, redirect bad behaviours, Q&A, FAQ’s.

| Breed & Temperament Selection

- Things to look out for in breeders and parents of the puppy

- Understanding breeds and their traits

- Select a temperament within this breed for your needs

- Preventable dog owner horror stories from our industry experts

| Welcoming Your Puppy

- Things you should be working on the day the dog comes home

- Understanding the psychology of your new dog

- Reasons why your dog does what they do

- Communicate and train behaviours

- Correct socialisation strategies and crucial mistakes to avoid

- Build the foundations of your training system at home

| Methods of Training

- Similarities and differences between dog’s and humans

- The 4 ways to train a dog

- Deep explanation of 1 of the 4 ways you can train complex skills 

- Learn to breakdown and make any task easy for your dog 

- Leave inspired and confident in the new understanding you’ll have of raising your puppy!

The cost of this course will be $250.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to meeting you if you decide to make raising your puppy or homing a rescue easier than it has to be.

- Ryan King

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By submitting this form, I accept and understand that when participating in OzcorpK9's training, it is not without possible risk even though due care is taken during training sessions. Dogs are not always predictable, but you can be assured that we are always doing everything in our power to mitigate any possible risks. I hereby assume all risk and responsibility for myself and my dog/s while it is in my control while attending or participating in training sessions. I further agree not to hold OzcorpK9 liable for the actions of myself or my dogs in any way. We would also please ask that you request permission to use any photographic or video content taken within our training facility, or affiliated with the OzcorpK9 brand. Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to training with you.

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