Looking to Replace Your Dog's Unwanted Habits with a Lifetime of Obedience Skills?


(by making the most of the time you already spend feeding your dog)

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We all have a different image of how we’d like for our dogs to behave.


Perhaps you’d simply appreciate better manners…


Or maybe, you’d both get a kick out of winning competitions!


Regardless of your obedience goals - there are a few things that become clearer with every K9 relationship our skilled team are able to salvage.


1. Your dog’s attitude towards life directly affects their behaviour

2. The best way to change their mindset is to improve their confidence


3. The most effective way to build a confident dog is through obedience


4. Obedience challenges give them purpose and replace unwanted habits


5. The more attention they give you, the less they'll have for everything else

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Every lesson of our Ozdog Obedience Program has been cronologically ordered to teach your dog the life skills we deem as essential...


In the most understable, retainable, and time efficient way possible.


This training system is an easy-to-follow combination of the most effective things I have learned throughout my 15+ years of direct experience working with dogs and being mentored by master dog trainers all over the world. 


I could not find a ‘complete’ training system - so, I created one.


What our training provides you and your dog with, is far deeper than performing tricks and impressing your family and friends with your dog’s transformation...


It’s the feeling of giving your dog purpose.


The happiness they radiate when they achieve a new skill with you.


You are their leader, their alpha, their companion that is considering giving your dog something worth being obsessed about.


There’s no better way to build a bond - no better way to bring out your dog’s character and drive, than to forge confidence within themselves through the challenges your dog will encounter and prevail over this 7 session course we’re eager to take you through…


If you’re willing to put in the work, that is!


Are you ready to begin your training journey?

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Fast - Track Assessment

To attend our Ozdog course, we'll first have to meet.

⁣Here’s what a Fast-Track Assessment looks like:⁣

✔️ 45-minutes with a Certified Trainer⁣

✔️ All of your questions answered clearly⁣
✔️ Unlock your dog’s motivation to work⁣
✔️ Gauge your dog’s level of reactivity⁣

✔️ Get actionable loose lead walking tips⁣

✔️ Uncover your dog’s true potential⁣

✔️ Leave with an awesome training plan!⁣


✔️ Guaranteed “AHA” Moments 💡

This is what the $90 booking fee will cover.⁣

What’s even better? If you decide to move forward, the $90 will be discounted from the total price of your training. 

To book in your assessment, fill out the application below and pick a date and time that works best for you.

We’ll see you and your dog then!⁣

- Ryan King


If you can't find a date that works for you, we'll reach out and contact you as soon as possible. If you're eager to get ahead of the queue, feel free to give us a call on 0404752187.


By sumbitting this form, I accept and understand that when participating in OzcorpK9's training, it is not without possible risk even though due care is taken during training sessions. Dogs are not always predictable, but you can be assured that we are always doing everything in our power to mitigate any possible risks. I hereby assume all risk and responsibility for myself and my dog/s while it is in my control, while attending or participating in training sessions. I further agree not to hold OzcorpK9 liable for the actions of myself or my dogs in any way. We would also please ask that you request permission to use any photographic or video content taken within our training facility, or affiliated with the OzcorpK9 brand. Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to training with you.