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7 Ways to Replace Your Dog's Unwanted Habits with a Lifetime of Obedience Skills.

(by making the most of the time you already spend feeding your dog)

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” 


When raising your dog, you can't prevent what you don't see coming, and it's hard to fix what you don't understand.

This is the reality of being a dog owner. 

Begging, barking, biting, chewing, digging, defecating and peeing in the house, jumping, growling, lead pulling, separation anxiety, reactivity...

All of which are problems we encounter and help with every single day. 

How you deal with unwanted habits like these is what determines whether they grow to become...


◻️ 1. Irritating, dangerous and damaging to your relationship. 

◻️ 2. A think of the past due to management and household structure.

Or, better yet...


◻️ 3. Channeled towards obedience training goals. 

Our Ozdog course is designed to arm you with the tools you need to tick boxes 2, and 3 by understanding WHY your dog does what they do.

And in the practical portion of each lesson...

You'll learn the mechanics of HOW to channel your dogs focus away from mischief and towards a goal you set together. 

No Particular Issues?

The Ozdog wasn't only designed to solve problems. 

If you're looking to improve your dog's obedience because you'd like to build their confidence, create a tight bond, and give them purpose...

The principles we teach do exactly that and a hell of a lot more...

Growing Through Results and a Love for Dogs.

More than 200 Adelaide dog owners have walked through our roller doors. 

Many whose dog's we've trained consistently for years.

You'll have a great time being mentored by one of our Certified Trainers.

Each with their own success stories and the goal of helping more dogs by presenting the course that helped them with their own.

Yes, we eat our own cooking!

So, Why Listen to Me? 


I’ve had a long journey of learning and teaching. 


It’s what brings me to the current privileges I have today: 

- Running OzcorpK9 and Currently Employing 6 Great Trainers. 

- Working Alongside International Special Operations Units. 


- Training Australian Tactical K9 Security Operators. 

- Teaming Up with the Australian Defence Force to Provide Their Members with Top-Tier Dog Training.   

To begin my journey, I trained dogs in homes, backyards and public parks—helping 1 dog at a time. 


I soon found myself with two realities: 


1. After travelling Australia attending seminars and learning as much as possible – I still lacked the tools and techniques I needed to make the changes I wanted to make. 


2. Helping 1 dog at a time was a slow burn. I needed to make a bigger impact and create something new, different and unlike any other training system available. 


So, after 15 years of travelling the world, picking the brains of master dog trainers, and clarifying the “need-to-know” fundamentals… 


The real magic happened when I took the complex lesson I’d learned, and sat down to simplify it so that just about anybody could understand them and begin to take noticeable action. 

And so, the Ozdog came to life!

Before we move on to the contents of the course and why every lesson will teach you something new and awesome about your dog...


Let's touch on why unwanted habits are created in the first place.

7 Reasons Dog's Develop Unwanted Habits.

1. Poor Management and Household Structure

2. They View Certain Things Negatively 

3. They Don't Respect You as the Pack Leader

4. They Don't Think Before Acting

5. The Way You Communicate to One Another is Unclear

6. You Haven't Developed a Mutual Bond or Goal

7. You Haven't Tested Your Training

This is our solution:

Lesson 1: The Pavlovian Effect

Tapping into the How Your Dog Thinks and Learns

50% Theory | 50% Practical

Problem: Poor Management and Household Structure

Whether it's digging holes, defecating and peeing wherever they'd like, stealing your clothes, barking excessively, or just can't seem to settle down and give you a moment...

Unwanted habits like these don't often go away. Instead they are habitualised and reinforced as your dog grows older.


Solution: Install Household Management, and a Rewards System

In this lesson we look to improve your living situation, by helping you set rules based on what you'd like to fix about your dog's behaviour at home. 

We also focus on building your dog's drive to work with you by installing a food-based reward system.


By teaching you the principles of conditioning, together we'll design a game plan to take home, implement and use to better the relationship you have with your dog.

Lesson 2: Thinking In Pictures

Capturing the Behaviours You Want to Install

50% Theory | 50% Practical

Problem: Your Dog Views Stimulants Negatively

The way your dog subconsciously thinks about people, places, dogs, and other things, has a large impact on why they choose to behave negatively towards a stimulant. This often leads to reactivity. 

Solution: Change the Way Your Dog Thinks!

We'll teach you how to change the way your dog views the things that stimulate them most by using the "Rules of Three" method to capture and reinforce the behaviour you want to see from your dog. 

Lesson 3: Pack Theory

How to Establish Yourself as a Leader Worth Following

50% Theory | 50% Practical

Problem: Your Dog Doesn't View You as a Leader

When your dog doesn't quite see you as a leader, problems will arise due to your dog trying to dominate you and take place as the alpha.

Dominant attitude may come in the form of getting the high ground, eating first, pushing through doorways first, claiming space, starts and finishes games, guards possessions and more. 

Solution: Become the "Pack Leader"


By understanding the tell-tale signs of dominance, you'll be able to set better boundaries that will establish you as the leader your dog respects and wants to follow.

Lesson 4: Shape Any Action

Unlocking Your Dog's Ability to Problem-Solve

50% Theory | 50% Practical

Problem: Your Dog Doesn't Think Before Acting

We've all met people who speak without filtering what they say.

This is what most dogs are like when they see something that makes them uneasy. They forget to think, and skip to reacting.

Solution: Create a Problem-Solving Dog


By breaking down the way your dog learns, you will be able to use our "freeshaping" technique to trigger your dog's problem-solving brain. This will give them the ability to look for a better and safer solution.

Lesson 5: Communication Markers

Designing a Bulletproof Communication System

50% Theory | 50% Practical

Problem: The Way You Communicate With Your Dog Is Unclear

The system you've built so far to communicate with your dog may consist of a few commands and a basic understanding of one another.

This currently limits what you can teach your dog. 

Solution: Clarify What Means What and When 


You don't need to be able to bark to learn how to speak dog.


It's so common that our clients often believe they are communicating one thing, when their dog is interpreting it as something completely different.

By teaching you a language your dog understands, you will be able to clearly state your intentions, and your dog will love you for it.

Lesson 6: Life Skills In Action

Focused Practical Development of Skills

0% Theory | 100% Practical

In this lesson, we take a step back from the theory aspect and dive straight into bettering the way you work with your dog.

☑️  Sit, Down Stays

☑️  Indirect Rewards

☑️  Introduction to Loose Lead Walking

All of which will be this lessons target focus.

Lesson 7: Loose Lead Walking

Putting It All Into Practice

0% Theory | 100% Practical


Continuing on from the last practical intensive lesson, we get stuck into the fundamentals of loose lead walking and working under distractions. 

Together we'll go back over everything you've learned and iron out the creases. We want you to leave with all of your questions answered.

Although, you'll be able to view our online revision assessment videos in the Certified Obedience Group (COG) Facebook Group you'll be invited to once you've complete your training.  

Fast - Track Assessment

To attend our Ozdog course, we'll first have to meet.

Our assessment process is conducted over 45-minutes.


Here's what the $90 booking fee will cover...


✅  45-minutes with a Certified Trainer.

✅  Meet and greet to get to know both you and your dog.

✅  Assessing your dog's capabilities and traits. 

✅  Preparation for your dog's first Ozdog lesson. 

✅  A clear training plan to move forward with.


If you like the training, the $90 will be subtracted from the Ozdog.


If you feel the training isn't for you, then you get to walk away with all of the above for $90! 

- Ryan King

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If you can't find a date that works for you, we'll reach out and contact you as soon as possible. If you're eager to get ahead of the queue, feel free to give us a call on 0404752187.


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