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reACTive Pathway


We’ve created this document to clarify the route you can take to eradicate the reactivity that’s making your life and the life of your dog, harder than it has to be.



45-Min FAST-TRACK Assessment Session

We start off any training journey with a primary assessment session.


This allows us to meet, assess your dog and provide you with the most effective path to pursue.


If you believe your dog is reactive, then we’ll test reactivity levels and give you advice to take home, along with an action plan to move forward with.

The cost of the assessment session is $90.


Which you can book through this link:

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As much as we’d like it to be, it’s never as easy as directly treating reactivity.


There are foundational skills that must first be learned to ensure you know how to deal with issues, create better habits and communicate with your dog.


We ideally want your dog to subconsciously fall back on their training when they encounter a situation that would have previously triggered reactivity.


The Ozdog is the perfect program to learn how to “speak dog”.


You can view the modules and information through this link:

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You’d know that even simple things with a reactive dog can be difficult.


Like taking your dog for a walk and being scared to pass other dogs, motorbikes, or people.


You can do your best to avoid conflict by crossing the street, blocking their view, or doing a complete 180...


But like many of the dog owners we help, it’s about the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog is starting to see things differently.


Your training becomes your insurance policy.


During our Saturday reACTive Group Classes, we teach you particular techniques—and you teach them to your dog.


Conducting repetitions around other dogs while having a common objective will help them see other dogs as “co-workers” instead of “possible threats”.

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We believe this new class will be the most enjoyable way to maintain and grow your dogs obedience after they’ve learned to control their reactivity in the previous class.


At the beginning of the week, we’ll be sending an email with "exercise cards" along with how to conduct them. (Rally Obedience inspired)


This will give you a head start before the class comes around!


On the Saturday we'll meet at OzcorpHQ where we'll have a chat, get into positions and start our 3 minutes interval of each exercise.


You’ll complete several rounds of this; having a few turns at each station while getting feedback from us that will improve every repetition.


You'll find that you and your dog will not only get better and better at each exercise card in front of you...


But it will also be a way for your dog to get used to blocking out the distractions around them and focus only on what you have to say.


This is how we teach our dogs to look up at us for guidance, instead of reacting to the nearest stimulant.

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I hope this document has given you a better understanding of the pathway that you can take with us to eradicating your dog’s reactivity.


Thanks for reading! I hope to meet you soon.


Ryan King – OzcorpK9

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