Meet with a Certified Trainer for a

5 Ways to Improve Your Dog's Behaviour

1. Replace unwanted habits with lifelong obedience commands. 

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Rapid Obedience Program 
This 7-session obedience course is our pride and joy!
Helping thousands of Adelaide dogs and their owners, our Ozdog program simplifies decades worth of training into x7 1-hour sessions.

- Better Obedience

- Remove Bad Habits

- Build Food Drive

- Unlock Learning

- Lead the Pack

- Stronger Relationship

2. Raise your puppy with the right foundations.

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Group Class Training
If you like the sounds of the Ozdog, have a puppy and would like to save some money--we would highly encourage you to consider joining the waiting list!

- Ozdog for Puppies

- Class of 4 | Maximum

- Multiple Trainer Focus

- Build Their Confidence

- Socialise Safely

- Cost Effective

3. Let our trainers do the work while you're out and about.



The Harvard of Day Schools
Perfect for the busy dog owner that would love to know their dog is professionally cared for and trained, ready for you to pick them up and snooze on the way home.

- Drop Off / Pick Up

- Training Day School

- Grow Their Skills

- Maintain Their Training

- Safely Socialised

- Well Earned Fatigue

4. Grow your handler skills and create a YOU focused dog.

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Eradicate Your Dog's Reactivity
This, Saturday group class is run consistently every week with the core objective to reduce and replace reactivity with a love for working with you.

- Group Class

- For Reactive Dogs

- Trains Impulse Control

- Professionally Guided

- Develop a Plan

- Grow Handler Skills

5. Learn a combination of security K9 handler techniques.



Wield a Working Line
We've teamed up with Tactical Training Australia to bring you this certification and give you the training you need to become a K9 Handler. 

- By Tactical Training

- Security License Req

- Realistic Scenarios

- Handling Techniques

- Gain Endorsement

- With Ryan King